Clinic and Masterclass Options

Dan Miller is a Yamaha Clinician and Performing Artist

  1. Trumpet & Brass Techniques
    A comprehensive and straight forward approach for developing the embouchure and breathing techniques. Topics stressed include embouchure building, strengthening corners, increasing endurance, increasing flexibility, maximizing efficiency, breathing concepts, focusing the air-stream and developing tone.

  2. Jazz Improvisation
    A musical approach to teaching improvisation, focusing on the styles and techniques of the masters. Topics stressed include understanding chord changes, learning solos, playing the blues and swinging.

  3. Jazz Ensemble Techniques
    Listening to and working with the various sections of the ensemble to achieve a swinging band playing as one. Topics stressed include the roles of each player (lead, section, soloist), playing as a section, the importance of listening (to the rhythm section and those around you), proper stylistic interpretations and swinging.

  4. Developing The Trumpet Section
    Developing the trumpet section as a swinging, musical unit. Devoting special attention to how a successful trumpet section becomes better and matures. Topics stressed include the roles of each player (lead, section, soloist), playing as a section, supporting the lead player, articulations, the use of mutes, proper stylistic interpretations and swinging.

  5. Jazz Concert
    A performance with the big band or small group as a soloist. I have a selection of feature charts that can be provided in advance for the ensemble. If the school has specific charts they wish to play from their own library, simply provide a copy of the solo/lead part in advance. An evening of small group jazz is also available.

    Note: If you are interested in widening the scope of your clinic or workshop to include additional instrumentalists (rhythm section or horns), artists who've toured and recorded with the biggest names in jazz including Wynton Marsalis, Count Basie and Harry Connick are available.

Clinic Fees
Clinic fees are based on the type of services provided. Every school has its own individual needs when it comes to developing the clinic curriculum, and we can work together to address your specific needs.

Yamaha Clinic Support Request Form
Yamaha Online Clinic Support Request Form

Greetings from Yamaha Corporation of America. Thank you for your interest in having a Yamaha Artist at your upcoming event. Yamaha remains dedicated to music education in the United States. Supporting our gifted artists and helping them appear at educational events throughout the U.S. is one ways Yamaha helps music students succeed.

In order for us to determine if we can assist you and to what extent, it is necessary for you to fill out the Online Event Support Request Form at least 30 days prior to your event. Once we receive your completed online form, we will notify you of our support. This online form is extremely simple and should only take a few minutes to complete. We look forward to hearing from you and we wish you all the best with your upcoming event.


Private instruction is available for embouchure building, breathing techniques, jazz improvisation, jazz trumpet styles and lead trumpet concepts and techniques.

Each student is treated on an individual basis and the questions and needs of the player will be specifically addressed.


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