December 31, 1944
Dizzy Gillespie

December 31, 1944

Dizzy Gillespie

Sarah Vaughan and the All Star Band
New York City
Continental Records
Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet); Aaron Sachs (clarinet); Georgie Auld (tenor); Leonard Feather (piano); Chuck Wayne (guitar); Jack Lesberg (bass); Morey Feld (drums); Sarah Vaughan (vocal)

Signing Off
(Feather/Russell) 2:41 (3005)

(Dizzy Gillespie) 2:31 (3006)

No Smokes Blues (master)
(Leonard Feather) 2:26 (3007-?)

No Smokes Blues (alternate)
(Leonard Feather) 2:19 (3007-?)

East of the Sun
(Bowman) 2:52 (3008)

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