April 13, 1944
Dizzy Gillespie

April 13, 1944

Dizzy Gillespie

Billy Eckstine with Deluxe All Star Band
New York City
DeLuxe Records
Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Webster, Shorty McConnell, Al Killian (trumpet); Trummy Young, Claude Jones, Howard Scott (trombone); Budd Johnson, Jimmy Powell (alto); Wardell Gray, Thomas Crump (tenor); Rudy Rutherford (baritone); Clyde Hart (piano); Connie Wainwright (guitar); Oscar Pettiford (bass); Shadow Wilson (drums); Billy Eckstine (vocal)

I Stay In the Mood For You
(Billy Eckstine) 2:56 (108)

Good Jelly Blues
(Billy Eckstine) 2:59 (109)

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