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MP3 Downloads

Blues Heads

1. Now's The Time (F) Now's The Time

2. Tenor Madness (B-flat) Tenor Madness

3. Hugore (B-flat) Hugore

4. Straight, No Chaser (F) Straight, No Chaser

5. KD's Blues (B-flat) KD's Blues

6. Sonnymoon For Two (B-flat) Sonnymoon For Two

7. Cool Blues (C) Cool Blues

8. Barbados (B-flat) Barbados

9. Buzzy (B-flat) Buzzy

10. Blues Walk (B-flat) Blues Walk

11. Cheryl (C) Cheryl

12. Byrdlike (F) Byrdlike

13. Walkin' (F) Walkin'

14. Au Privave (F) Au Privave

15. Relaxin' at Camarillo (C) Relaxin' at Camarillo

16. Bloomdido (B-flat)) Bloomdido

17. Sandu (E-flat) Sandu

18. Mohawk (B-flat) Mohawk

19. Another Hairdo (B-flat) Another Hairdo

20. Visa (C) Visa

21. Chi Chi (A-flat) Chi Chi

22. Solid (B-flat) Solid

23. Vierd Blues or Trane's Blues (B-flat) Veird Blues or Trane's Blues

24. Blue and Boogie (B-flat) Blue and Boogie

25. Perhaps (C) Perhaps

26. Blue Seven (B-flat) Blue Seven

27. Blues for Alice (F Bird Blues) Blues for Alice

28. Laird Baird (B-flat Bird Blues) Laird Baird

29. Billie's Bounce (F) Billie's Bounce

30. Freddie the Freeloader (B-flat) Freddie the Freeloader

31. Soft Winds (B-flat) Soft Winds

32. Si Si (F) Si Si

33. Bongo Bop (B-flat) Bongo Bop

34. Sippin' At Bell's (F) Sippin' At Bell's

35. Opus De Funk (B-flat) Opus De Funk

36. Blue Train (E-flat) Blue Train

37. Hubtones (B-flat) Hubtones

38. Speedball (D-flat) Speedball

39. Down (F) Down

40. Wee Dot (B-flat) Wee Dot

41. Dance of the Infidels (Bud Powell Changes) (F) Dance Of The Infidels

42. Misterioso (F) Misterioso

43. Blue Monk (B-flat) Blue Monk

44. The Squirrel (F) The Squirrel

45. Birk's Works (F minor) Birk's Works

46. The Blues March (B-flat)) The Blues March

47. Wheatleigh Hall (B-flat) Wheatleigh Hall

48. Two Bass Hit (D-flat) Two Bass Hit

49. The Skunk (D-flat) The Skunk

50. Blue Concept (B-flat) Blue Concept

51. Blue Bird (E-flat) Blue Bird

52. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (F) Things Ain't What They Used To Be

53. Passport (Tune Y) (B-flat) Passport (Tune Y)

54. The Champ The Champ

55. Bongo Beep Bongo Beep

56. Bird Feathers Bird Feathers

57. The Hymn (B-flat) The Hymn

58. Carvin' The Bird Carvin' The Bird

59. Driftin' On A Reed or Air Conditioning (B-flat) Driftin' On A Reed or Air Conditioning

60. Bag's Groove (F) Bag's Groove

61. Mr. PC (C minor) Mr.PC

Jazz History Lecture

1) Weatherbird
Louis Armstrong Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings (Columbia/Sony)
December 12, 1928
Louis Armstrong (trumpet), Earl Hines (piano)

2) Body and Soul
Coleman Hawkins Body and Soul (RCA)
October 11, 1939
Coleman Hawkins (tenor), Gene Rodgers (piano), Oscar Smith (bass), Art Herbert (drums)
Body and Soul

3) Shoe Shine Boy
Lester Young (Smith and Jones, Inc.) Lester Leaps In (Columbia)
October 9, 1936
Lester Young (tenor), Carl Smith (trumpet), Count Basie (piano), Walter Page (bass), Jo Jones (drums)
Shoeshine Boy

4) Yesterdays
Art Tatum 20th Century Piano Genius (Verve)
July 7, 1955
Art Tatum (piano)

5) Anthropology
Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie Summit Meeting at Birdland (Columbia)
March 31, 1951
Charlie Parker (alto), Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Bud Powell (piano), Tommy Potter (bass), Roy Haynes (drums)

6) Just Friends
Charlie Parker Bird with Strings (Verve)
November 30, 1949
Charlie Parker (alto) with studio orchestra
Just Friends

7) Jeru
Miles Davis Birth of the Cool (Capitol)
January 21, 1949
Miles Davis (trumpet), Lee Konitz (alto), Kai Winding (trombone), Junior Collins (french horn), Bill Barber (tuba), Gerry Mulligan (baritone), Al Haig (piano), Joe Shulman (bass), Max Roach (drums)

8) Nights at the Turntable
Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings Of The Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet Baker (Pacific Jazz)
October 15, 1952
Gerry Mulligan (baritone), Chet Baker (trumpet), Bob Whitlock (bass), Chico Hamilton (drums)
Nights at the Turntable

9) Ask Me Now Thelonious Monk Genius of Modern Music Volume 2 (Blue Note) July 23, 1951
Thelonious Monk (piano), Al McKibbon (bass), Art Blakey (drums)
Ask Me Now

10) Coffee Pot
J.J. Johnson The Eminent J.J. Volume 2 (Blue Note)
September 24, 1954
J.J. Johnson (trombone), Wynton Kelly (piano), Charles Mingus (bass), Kenny Clarke (drums), "Sabu" Martinez (congas)
Coffee Pot

11) The Preacher
Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers (Blue Note)
February 6, 1955
Kenny Dorham (trumpet), Hank Mobley (tenor), Horace Silver (piano), Doug Watkins (bass), Art Blakey (drums)
The Preacher

12) What Is This Thing Called Love?
Clifford Brown and Max Roach At Basin Street (Emarcy)
February 16, 1956
Clifford Brown (trumpet, Sonny Rollins (tenor), Richie Powell (piano), George Morrow (bass), Max Roach (drums)
What Is This Thing Called Love?

13) Straight, No Chaser
Miles Davis Milestones (Columbia/Sony)
February 4, 1958
Miles Davis (trumpet), John Coltrane (tenor), Cannonball Adderley (alto), Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums)
Straight, No Chaser

14) The Blues March
Art Blakey Moanin’ (Blue Note)
October 30, 1958
Lee Morgan (trumpet), Benny Golson (tenor), Bobby Timmons (piano), Jymie Merritt (bass), Art Blakey (drums)
The Blues March

15) Lonely Woman
Ornette Coleman The Shape of Jazz To Come (Atlantic)
May 22, 1959
Ornette Coleman (alto), Don Cherry (trumpet), Charlie Haden (bass), Billy Higgins (drums)
Lonely Woman

16) Love Supreme Part I Acknowledgement
John Coltrane Love Supreme (Impulse)
December 9, 1964
John Coltrane (tenor), McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), Elvin Jones (drums)

17) The Core
Art Blakey Free For All (Blue Note)
February 10, 1964
Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Wayne Shorter (tenor), Curtis Fuller (trombone), Cedar Walton (piano), Reggie Workman (bass), Art Blakey (drums)
The C.O.R.E.

18) Nutville
Horace Silver Cape Verdean Blues (Blue Note)
October 22, 1965
Woody Shaw (trumpet), Joe Henderson (tenor), J.J. Johnson (trombone), Horace Silver (piano), Bob Cranshaw (bass), Roger Humphries (drums)

Dan Miller Big Band & Small Group Concert Music

Thelonious Monk Big Band: Let's Cool One Let's Cool One (Monk)

Tadd Dameron Orchestra: On A Misty Night On A Misty Night (The Magic Touch))

Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra: Cool Breeze Cool Breeze (Dizzy at Newport)

Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra: Tin Tin Deo Tin Tin Deo

Philly Joe Jones with Art Pepper: Tin Tin Deo Tin Tin Deo with Philly Joe on drums

John Coltrane: Naima Naima (Coltrane)

Tito Puente: Ran Kan Kan Ran Kan Kan (Tito Puente)

Tito Puente and Willie Colon: Ran Kan Kan Ran Kan Kan (Tito Puente and Willie Colon)

Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra: Woody 'N You Woody 'N You

Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Bud Powell Birdland 3/31/51: Blue and Boogie Blue and Boogie (Bird and Diz)

Wynton Marsalis: The Second Line The Second Line (Wynton)

Art Blakey: Ala Mode Ala Mode (Blakey)

Paul Murtha: Ala Mode Ala Mode (Big Band)

Clifford Brown & Max Roach: Jordu Jordu (Clifford)

Mark Taylor: Jordu Jordu (Big Band)

Art Blakey: Children of the Night Children of the Night (Blakey)

Mark Taylor: Children of the Night Children of the Night (Big Band)

Count Basie: Lil' Darlin' Lil' Darlin'

Dizzy Gillespie: Oop Bop Sha Bam Oop Bop Sha Bam

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra: To You To You

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra: Big Dipper Big Dipper

Herbie Hancock: Chameleon Herbie Chameleon

Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage Maiden Voyage

Count Basie Orchestra: Front Burner Front Burner

Maynard Ferguson: Starfire Starfire

Horace Silver: Song For My Father Song For My Father

Maynard Ferguson: Chameleon Maynard Chameleon

Duke Ellington: Cotton Tail Cotton Tail

Duke Ellington: Never No Lament (Don't Get Around Much Anymore) Never No Lament

Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra: A Night In Tunisia A Night In Tunisia

Art Blakey Jazz Messengers: I Waited For You I Waited For You
**This is a small group version that the big band chart was inspired by.

Stan Kenton: A Little Minor Booze A Little Minor Booze (Stan Kenton)

Maynard Ferguson: Geller's Cellar Geller's Cellar (Maynard Ferguson)

Count Basie: Tippin' On The Q.T. Tippin' On The Q.T. (Count Basie)

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra: To You To You

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra: Groove Merchant The Groove Merchant

Count Basie Orchestra: Front Burner Front Burner

Mike Mossman: Cubano Chant Cubano Chant (Mike Mossman)

Mark Taylor: 500 Miles High 500 Miles High (Mark Taylor)

Stan Kenton: Stompin' At The Savoy Stompin' At The Savoy (Kenton)

Duke Ellington: Isfahan Isfahan (Duke)

Duke Ellington: Such Sweet Thunder Such Sweet Thunder (Duke Ellington)

Duke Ellington: Black and Tan Fantasy (Brunswick) Black and Tan Fantasy (Brunswick) (Duke Ellington)

Duke Ellington: Black and Tan Fantasy (Okeh)) Black and Tan Fantasy (Okeh)) (Duke Ellington)

Duke Ellington: The Mooche (Brunswick) The Mooche (Brunswick) (Duke Ellington)

Duke Ellington: The Mooche (Okeh) The Mooche (Okeh) (Duke Ellington)

Count Basie: I Can't Stop Loving You I Can't Stop Loving You (Basie)

Count Basie: Four, Five, Six Four, Five, Six (Basie)

Stan Kenton: On The Street Where You Live On The Street Where You Live (Kenton)

Horace Silver: The Jody Grind The Jody Grind (Horace Silver)

Duke Ellington: Royal Garden Blues Royal Garden Blues (Duke Ellington)

Duke Ellington: Take The A Train Take The A Train (Duke Ellington)

Woody Herman: Things Ain't What They Used To Be Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Woody Herman)

Dizzy Gillespie with Boyd Rayburn: A Night In Tunisia A Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie with Boyd Rayburn)

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis: A Child Is Born A Child Is Born (Thad Jones-Mel Lewis))

Lee Morgan: The Sidewinder The Sidewinder (Lee Morgan)

Lee Morgan: The Sidewinder arranged by Mark Taylor The Sidewinder (Lee Morgan--Mark Taylor arrangement)

Count Basie: Avenue C Avenue C (Basie)

Capp-Pierce Juggernaut: Avenue C Avenue C (Juggernaut)

Count Basie: Dickie's Dream 1941 Dickie's Dream 1941 (Basie)

Count Basie: Dickie's Dream 1959 Dickie's Dream 1959 (Basie)

Capp-Pierce Juggernaut: Dickie's Dream 1941 Dickie's Dream (Juggernaut)

Duke Ellington: Isfahan Isfahan (Duke)

Count Basie: The Heat's On The Heat's On (Basie)

Fats Navarro: Lady Bird Lady Bird (Fats)

Mark Taylor Big Band: Lady Bird Lady Bird (Taylor)

Cannonball Adderley Unit 7 (Cannonball)

Compilation Archive

Dizzy and Bird Studio 1945: The Guild, Continental, Comet and Bel-Tone/Savoy Sessions Dizzy and Bird Studio 1945

Dizzy and Bird Live 1945 LA - 1947 NYC - 1951 NYC Dizzy and Bird Live

Blues Heads #1 Blues Heads #1

Jazz Masters Play The Blues Jazz Masters Play The Blues

Jazz Masters Play Rhythm Changes Rhythm Changes

Jazz Masters Play the B Flat Blues B Flat Blues

Jazz Masters Play the Blues in Nine Keys Blues in Nine Keys

Jazz Masters Play Perdido Perdido

Essays, Interviews and Articles

John Coltrane: Coltrane On Coltrane 9/29/60 Coltrane on Coltrane

Wayne Shorter: Creativity and Change 2/12/68 Creativity and Change

Harvey Pekar: Bud Powell--Then and Now 10/22/64 Bud Powell--Then and Now

A Fireside Chat with Jackie McLean Jackie McLean Interview

Neil Tesser: How Sonny Defeated The Dragon How Sonny Defeated The Dragon

John Tynan: Art Pepper's Not The Same 7/30/64 Art Pepper's Not The Same

Ken Burns: Jackie McLean Interview 4/10/96 Jackie McLean Interview

Ken Burns: Wynton Marsalis Interview 6/12/99 Wynton Marsalis Interview

Ken Burns: Branford Marsalis Interview 11/19/96 Branford Marsalis Interview

Ken Burns: Clark Terry Interview Clark Terry Interview

Ken Burns: Chan Parker (Bird's widow) Interview May 1998 Chan Parker Interview

A Fireside Chat with Hank Jones Hank Jones Interview

A Fireside Chat with George Coleman George Coleman Interview

Fred Jung: My Conversation with Horace Silver Horace Silver Interview

George Coleman: This Gentleman Can Play George Coleman Interview

The Eminent J.J. Johnson J.J. Johnson Interview

Hal Galper: An Introduction to Forward Motion Forward Motion

Radio Interviews

Charlie Parker Interviewed by Paul Desmond Part 1 Bird Interview 1

Charlie Parker Interviewed by Paul Desmond Part 2 Bird Interview 2

Charlie Parker Interviewed by Paul Desmond Part 3 Bird Interview 3

John Coltrane Interview 1960 Sweden Coltrane Interview 1960

John Coltrane Interview 1963 Paris Coltrane Interview 1963

John Coltrane Interview 1966 Tokyo Coltrane Interview 1966


Steve Grossman @ Berklee 1986 Steve Grossman clinic

Michael Brecker @ Berklee 1987 Michael Brecker clinic

Instruction Books

Jazz Instruction

Jazz instruction books available at:

How To Play Bebop
David Baker
Volume 1: The Bebop Scales and Other Scales in Use
Volume 2: Learning the Bebop Language
Volume 3: Techniques for Learning and Utilizing Bebop Tunes

Modern Concepts In Jazz Improvisation
David Baker

The Barry Harris Workshop DVD - Part One (4 DVDs/Workbook)

The Barry Harris Workshop DVD - Part Two (4 DVDs/Workbook)

The Barry Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar

Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns
Yusef Lateef

Inside Improvisation
Jerry Bergonzi
Volume 1: Melodic Structures
Volume 2: Pentatonics
Volume 3: The Jazz Line
Volume 4: Melodic Rhythms
Volume 5: Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies
Volume 6: Developing a Jazz Line
Volume 7: Hexatonics

Forward Motion
Hal Galper

A Chromatic Approach to Harmony and Melody
David Liebman

Gary Campbell

Charlie Parker Omnibook

Pocket Changes Volume 1

Pocket Changes Volume 2

The Jazz Piano Book
Mark Levine

Trumpet Instruction

Herbert L. Clarke “Technical Studies”

Earl D. Irons “Twenty Seven Groups of Exercises”

Arban: Complete Conservatory Method

Don Jacoby “Jake’s Method”

John J. Haynie "High Notes, Low Notes and All The Notes In-Between"

Ernest Williams “Complete Method”

Colicchio Nu-Art Technical Exercises

Biographies, History and Criticism

To Be Or Not To Bop
by Dizzy Gillespie

Straight Life
by Art Pepper

Bird Lives!
by Ross Russell

Swing To Bop
by Ira Gitler

Jazz Masters of the Forties
by Ira Gitler

by Jack Chambers

Notes and Tones
by Art Taylor

Raise Up Off Me
by Hampton Hawes

American Popular Song
by Alec Wilder

Open Sky: Sonny Rollins and His World of Improvisation
by Eric Nisenson

The Birth of Bebop: A Social and Musical History
by Scott DeVeaux

Beaneath The Underdog
by Charles Mingus

Kind of Blue
by Ashley Kahn

To a Young Jazz Musician: Letters from the Road
by Wynton Marsalis and Selwyn Seyfu Hinds

Lennie Tristano: His Life in Music (Jazz Perspectives)
by Eunmi Shim

Music Is My Mistress
by Duke Ellington

Rat Race Blues: The Musical Life of Gigi Gryce
by Noal Cohen and Michael Fitzgerald

John Coltrane: His Life and Music
by Lewis Porter

Early Jazz: Its Roots and Musical Development (History of Jazz)
by Gunther Schuller

The Swing Era: The Development of Jazz, 1930-1945 (The History of Jazz, Vol. 2)
by Gunther Schuller

West Coast Jazz
by Ted Gioia

Lee Konitz: Conversations on the Improviser's Art (Jazz Perspectives)
by Andy Hamilton

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